heart over mind

It’s so easy to give into what the world thinks you should do to attain what the world thinks is success. The typical trajectory is to graduate from high school, obtain your Bachelor’s, get a decent paying job, get married, buy a house, have kids, work-work-work, and then retire and do ALL the things you wanted to do when you were younger. I half laugh (if that’s even possible) as I write this, while at the same time feel bad and sad because this is the reality for many people. The world has stated what the norm is, and therefore, for me, my mind has accepted this as the “right” thing to do. However, are the “right” decisions you make in life driven by your mind or truly, your heart? When I reflect back on my past significant life decisions, I would say that my heart has led the way to the “right” decisions for me. An example of this was when Daniel and I were still in a long distance relationship (him in London on a temporary contract and me in Connecticut working to accrue some money). At that time, our serious consideration in order to end our long distance was for me to move to London, attend graduate school for Speech/Language Therapy, and not work because we’d be comfortable living on his income. It made sense; money wouldn’t be an issue, I’d be advancing my degree, and we would live happily ever after together (in London). My mind said,”YES, of course! This would be a sweet deal! Be with your man, not work, get educated in another country. This is a no brainer!” However, my heart was saying, “A Master’s in Speech/Language? Who are you kidding? Are you going to enjoy that as a career? A new country… to study? To become acquainted with? And on top of it, work on your relationship?” I sold the idea to myself (and Daniel) for a good 6+ months because my mind justified it pretty well. I even applied to a few of their universities, did an independent, undergraduate study in this realm, and flew out to attend one of the university’s open house… Until one day I had to give into my heart which was screaming, “Listen to me! Listen to me!” And so I did and had to tell Daniel the truth. The truth was that I didn’t feel in my heart that it was a right decision even though it made the most sense mind-wise. I didn’t know exactly what our future would look like, and it may not be the most comfortable (financially), but I knew that the London scenario wasn’t it. Daniel supported my decision (of course somewhat disappointed), but we moved on and were patient until the next opportunity came. Fortunately it did within a year. Reflecting back, I am so glad I followed my heart. When I did, I still got the man, my Master’s (in Counseling), and much, much more. Had I not, I am afraid to envision what it may have turned out to be. I just know I wouldn’t have been happy.

I am certain you have made a decision heart over mind. I welcome your story so that I can applaud you for your courage!

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