turn alone

Editor’s note: This is a post from guest writer JK.

One of my fondest memories from childhood was a family tradition we practiced called the “turn alone.” Whenever the occasion was right, I’d say every few months, Dad would take one of his three children on one. That meant we got to have a turn alone with Dad to do whatever we wanted to do or a surprise activity he knew we would like. Examples ranged from going to the mini mart, to getting my favorite drink, Root Beer flavored New York Seltzer, to going on a three week cross country road trip to crew for him in a sailplane (glider) competition. It may have been on that trip that he told me he’d rather be changing a flat tire on the side of a desert highway with me than doing an activity he loved on his own, and I knew he meant it. I think that was the point – to make me feel loved, and I did. Because of that, I know I’ve become a happier and more accomplished person than I would have otherwise.

What do you do to make those you care about feel loved?

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