complimenting others in public

If someone asked me if I did this, I would quickly say, “Of course! How best to highlight others than to share their strengths and goodness with others.” However, I noticed the challenge I have is doing the opposite by accident. I do this all the time when speaking to others about Daniel. In sharing with others about what we’ve been up to, or trying to prove a point (that he doesn’t agree with me on), I highlight his flaws or in some way, make him look bad. I never noticed that I did this, nor did I think it was a big deal. When he’d share with me his feelings, I’d brush it off and say, “Whatever; I’m sure the person didn’t perceive it that way or see you in a bad light…” Unfortunately this did not validate his feelings, make him feel good, and in general, highlight the overall good man that he is to me (and baby). So I set out to be mindful of not throwing him under the bus to others, hehe. Instead, I consciously try to compliment him to others in public. For example, since he has been amazing to me during this pregnancy, I make sure to let others know this. Not that they really care, but it’s important for me (and him) to know it means a lot to me and speaks about the man that he is. It also leaves people with a good impression of him and our marriage, which reflects the truth and reality. Conversely, when I was unintentionally calling him out in front of others, I was painting an inaccurate and skewed image of him and how he is as a husband. I find this approach is applicable for friendships and familial relations as well. I’d encourage you to think twice before sharing something about your loved ones and taking a moment to think, “Is this complimenting or criticizing this person to others?”

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