big wallet versus big heart

In many places I look- television, magazines, books, online, etc. I find people are recognized by the size of their wallet, status, and/or innovation. For example, there are the Top 10 List of Millionaires under 30 or Top Fortune 500 companies, which showcases people and companies’ achievements based on how much money they’ve accrued. When I view these lists, I think, “good for them,” or “okay, nice to know this information.” Sometimes I also think, “maybe one day this will be me, but probably not.” Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s admirable that these individuals and companies have risen to the top and are labeled “successful,” but what I am interested in knowing are their stories, what human characteristics and challenges did they come across to get them to where they are. How have they loved others and themselves? Or was it simply networking, having financial resources, and/or working long hours to climb up the corporate ladder? Then it dawned on me, why isn’t there a Top 10 list of Individuals with Big Hearts or highlighting companies that uphold their core values and act with love and compassion towards others? I bet that list would encourage others to strive towards different goals and have difference values. It would help us develop individually into better humans who can better serve one another. Also, I think it takes more sacrifice and selflessness to have a big heart versus a big wallet.

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