… to exercise restraint or direction over; dominate; command. One simple word, yet so powerful in meaning. I go back and forth on this word in terms of how it applies in my life. In some realms and on some days, I will relinquish control gladly and trust God, the process, and others. Undoubtedly I am more at peace and everything works out. Then on the contrary, I hold tight to control over a situation as if it will a deal breaker if certain metrics are not met. For example, I tend to want to control the metrics related to the workshops I conduct because we have generous donors underwriting them. Although I will communicate numerous times our expectation and have it written in a contract, there are still occurrences when the attendance outcome is below the lowest targeted number. Instead of looking at the good in the situation, I am more focused on the numbers! Partly, or wholly, this is because I know the amount of money tied to the workshop and the underlying expectations for its success. I am bothered though that I fret over something I have no control over (attendance) when there are other meaningful outcomes that in the long run will make the difference. Alternatively, I have to constantly remind myself that there are subjective metrics that need to be considered, such as the effort that the client has put towards bringing the workshop to their site to promote learning for their students or staff, the fact that at least one life has been changed, and that the client is thankful and pleased with the quality of our work which will further our working relationship and contribute to referrals in the future. Even with all this said, it’s still a challenge for me to want to aim and achieve the “perfect” workshop scenario with all the planning that is involved. I guess I can only try to control that dream. 😉

How do you handle your tendencies to control certain situations and people?

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