accepting who you are not

As you know, I believe strongly in personal growth. Hence why I created this blog! :) Thus, I believe we can grow in areas where there’s room for growth. For example, I can grow in my management of self-induced stress. Right now I am aware that I do this to myself because I can feel the physical, mental, and emotional impact I’ve created within myself. I know I need to work on it. On a different wave length, and in line with this post title, I believe there are some things that do not fit who we are personality- and skill-wise. So, therefore, the attempts to grow in the area should be few to none. Let me illustrate. I love the idea of being a gardener. The idea of sowing seeds, watering, seeing it grow, picking it, and then eating it, amazes me. I grew up watching my dad do this and I knew I always wanted to give it a try once I had the opportunity. So for the last few years, I have attempted many times to pursue this hobby that truly requires a green thumb. When I first tried to maintain plants and they died (because I would forget to water them), Daniel told me I had a brown thumb, which offended me and therefore motivated me to prove him wrong. Unfortunately, after many trials and dead flowers and vegetables later, I am accepting the fact that I am not a gardener; it is not who I am. I respect and admire people who are skilled in it, but it’s not an area that I need to grow in. It’s the acceptance that I am not good in this area that is so important to point out. Because I value personal growth, my natural tendency is to try, try, try and to find resources to buffer my knowledge and approach to refine my gardening skills. However, we were not made to be good at everything, nor do we have the time and energy to do everything. Once I accepted this fact, I had nothing more to prove to myself or Daniel and it has opened the door for me to leverage and encourage Daniel’s skills in gardening. (We have happy hot peppers, eggplants, green bell peppers, parsley, tomatoes, and lettuce growing as a result).

What have you accepted about yourself that you discovered is just not you?

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