stop fixing, and walk away

I am a big believer in trusting your intuition. Therefore, I believe you “know” when someone isn’t right for you, and if you need to walk away. However, as I mentioned before, it all depends on whether you choose to listen to your intuition. What I find when someone isn’t willing to listen is their need to start fixing miscellaneous parts of the relationship in hopes that it will help promote their rationale that things will get better. This approach contradicts addressing the root of the issue, which is: you two are not meant to be together and you are unhappy. This can look like bickering over “spilled milk,” such as leaving the toilet seat up a lot or not calling enough during the day to check-in. Because the other person feels the relationship is going okay, he/she will try to fix the areas that are being brought to their attention. Unfortunately, it’s a no-win scenario because even after the issues are fixed, a new problem to focus on will surface and thus, it will always be a losing battle. These minor aspects of the relationship that the person is asking the other person to fix mask the true fact that really the relationship cannot be fixed. The other person is who he/she is, the chemistry of the relationship is what it is, and the person who needs/wants to walk away feels the way he/she feels. The dissatisfied person just needs to be honest with his/her feelings, be courageous heading into the unknown, and accept that being alone is better than being unhappy. And so I leave you with the wisdom: stop fixing, and walk away. A healthy and “meant to be” relationship does not need tremendous fixing.

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