what type of energy are you giving off?

They say a baby feels what you feel. If this is the case, then Zane sure has experienced an array of emotions. I sometimes don’t want him to experience my negative ones at his young age so I try to redirect myself to thinking positive thoughts so that maybe he will feel the difference. When I shared with a friend the first line of this post, my friend reminded me that this is the same case for adults too. In other words, if you are stressed, others will feel your heaviness when you walk into a room or during your conversation. When I realized this more recently, I was amazed. Others can sense your energy! We all walk around with one that radiates out of us. Further, I think to some extent our energy is something we can be aware of and actually tweaked before interacting with others. For example, if I am stressed, I am aware that the energy I am releasing to others is one of heaviness. Because I find this energy will not contribute to a meaningful interaction, I will do some meditation techniques (ie. long, deep breaths) before interacting with someone so that the other person may not be affected by my negative energy. From my perpective, this has been helpful for me because it changes my mood and the outcome of the interaction is more positive and fruitful. At a later time my stress does get addressed either by myself or me reaching out to trusted friends as counsels; I just choose to not let it affect the energy I give off to others.

What are your thoughts about this post? What do you think is the predominant energy that you give off to others? Do you think it’s effective to change your energy like I do?

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