don’t lose sight of the big picture

As you know or may have inferred from my posts, motherhood has been an adjustment. I’ve begun using that word since it’s the most positive I can get. :) When sharing (or shall I say complaining?) to other mothers about my sleep deprivation and how I miss my baby-less life, they remind me of the following: this is a temporary time period when he is so needy and they grow up so fast so be in the moment. Sometimes it’s hard to hear and embrace their wisdom when selfishly and secretly in my mind I want to fast forward the time to when he is older and is walking and talking. Silly me, I know, because I may regret my wish. But they’re right… I need to not lose sight of the big picture. The big picture is how much of a blessing it is to have a healthy baby boy in our lives and that our lives are and will continue to be filled with joy and love from him. Soon he will not need me as much and will yearn for his independence. And that in no time I will have sleep again (I hope). Of course this is hard to remember when I have tunnel vision and am focused on the immediate fact that I’m tired, stressed about feeding him, and trying to maintain my relationships. I bet though, if I practiced this wisdom, it may lighten my load and help me to appreciate this sacred bonding time more… And I’d be able to see more positives, like the fact that this is the ideal time for us to have our first child.

So what about you? Do you ever find yourself in the same scenario as me – losing sight of the big picture? Knowing that what you’re going through is temporary, but are so stuck? What do you do to get unstuck and to refocus?

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