using your time and talents effectively

Editor’s Note: This is written by guest writer Amy Mulert!

Last year, I found myself crying almost daily after each day of teaching unruly high school students and getting bloodshot eyes from grading essay after passionless essay filled with comma splices.  After examining my own heart and trying to change my approach to this work, I realized that it was a choice for me to do this job each day.  Ultimately, the Lord revealed to me that there were plenty of other needs to be met in our community (even though I was not sure what those were), and I made the careful decision to quit my teaching career.  In the first weeks when our boarding school started back up again, it became clear that my purpose is simply to be available to community members in need and to build relationships with them so they might know they are loved.  This may seem like an unimportant role by our society’s standards, but in our boarding school community, most teachers are so busy that they do not have much time or energy left to just be available to others with a listening ear.  My ability to listen and “be present” has been confirmed by at least two people I trust, so I believe I am in the right position.  Naturally, people ask me, “So, how do you spend your time now?”  Now, instead of teaching in a classroom, I spend my time tutoring students one-on-one in my home, cooking for them, and traveling with them when given the opportunity.  I am pursuing sewing and embroidery as a hobby, and  I enjoy making things by hand to give to others.  With so much less stress in our home, our marriage has improved dramatically.  Evaluating whether teaching full-time was the best way for me to spend my time and talents was one of the best things I have done.  With this in mind, are you using your time and talents effectively?

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