reading nonverbal cues

One of the most important things to do with newborns right away since they can’t verbalize is read their cues. Are they hungry, tired, need a burp, have a dirty diaper, or need love?? This helps minimize or even prevent cry time and I believe, build trust between caregiver and child because his/her needs are being met in a timely manner. This made me realize, not much changes as we enter into adulthood in regards to reading nonverbal cues. If you watch someone closely, you can tell if they’re engaged or disinterested in your interaction, preoccupied in thought, their mood, open or closed to deeper conversation, in pain, etc. The interesting thing is that as we age, I believe we choose to pay less attention to these cues. It’s not as much of a priority like it is dealing with a newborn because you can get away with it. What I mean is, when I am talking with someone and giving them unsolicited advice, I can choose to ignore their nonverbal cues (ie. eyes looking elsewhere, repeated “ah ha’s”) and continue on my rant because I want to say what I think is necessary to share. Or, I can notice that a person is sad but ignore it because I don’t want to make the time to listen to what’s going on in their life. Because being verbal about how we think and feel doesn’t always come easily for everyone to share, reading someone’s nonverbal cues are so key. It tells so much since it’s hard for someone to remain neutral with their body language during an interaction. So just like when you’re trying to be on target and responsive to a newborn’s cues, I encourage you to do the same towards your friends and strangers! I believe it will open doors to more meaningful interactions. Further, if you want to be bold, ask someone to confirm what you’re sensing by asking, “I noticed you look sad today, what’s going on?” versus observing it and not saying anything.

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