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While on maternity leave, I have begun watching the Bachelor. :) It’s not like me to watch reality shows, but I like Sean Lowe (he’s a Christian!) and decided to give two episodes a try. I’m surprised I even watch it given that I Googled the spoiler and know who will be proposed to. Anyways, while watching the show, I noticed the distinction between the women who are comfortable in their skin compared to the ones that are not… and there’s a huge difference! To me, comfortable in your skin means you have accepted the way you look, flaws and perfections combined. You have also accepted your personality and are confident in who and what you are. Unfortunately, it was obvious that one of the women lacked this and was looking to Sean for validation by way of whether she got a rose and if she was asked out on a date. On the contrary, the women who were comfortable in their skin were more themselves and were ready to showcase themselves to him. They were not afraid and basically had the attitude of, “Take me as I am. If you don’t want me or we don’t click, then see ya!” Although it was sad to watch the former type of woman, I empathized because I was once that girl. I remember not embracing my physical looks, personality, and intelligence and looking to guys to validate it. I downplayed my characteristics and slouched when I walked because I felt my bust was too big (haha!) If prince charming walked through the door, I definitely wouldn’t shine out because I’d be lurking in the background wondering if I was good enough for him and deserving of his love. I’m not sure exactly how I got to this point of being comfortable in my skin (finally in my early 20s!)… maybe it was Daniel, maybe it was me realizing I am who I am and I can’t change what I want to change about my looks… I just know now that I feel freer and can offer people more because less focus is on my insecurities. In my ideal world I wish we could get to this point sooner than later…

How did you become comfortable in your skin? Or are you still struggling with this? Remember you are beautiful inside and out just by being you and how God created you!

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  1. Kelly says:

    Being a teacher and thus a role model for young girls did it for me. I have very hairy arms, and I used to shave them; I also used to wear a lot more make-up. One day, I was thinking about how I’m always trying to tell the girls that physical beauty isn’t the most important thing, and I realized I wasn’t actually modeling that for them. So, I stopped shaving my arms, and I slowly began wearing less and less make-up. It was hard, and I felt self-conscientious at first, but I got over it but reminding myself that I was teaching those girls, and my own future daughter, something far more important.

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