flexible towards others

I would bet that everyone wants to think they’re flexible. There’s something ‘flexible’ and attractive about that word that makes you want it to be part of how you and others describe you. I know when I ask others and when others ask me, “Are you flexible?” there is no hesitation of responding, “Of course!!!!” The reality is, we aren’t all flexible, starting with me. I think there’s at least a small part of each of us that wants it our way and wishes others operated similar to us. I know I did and still do. I remember in high school I was not flexible with people who were not punctual with picking me up. At that time I was the type to wait five minutes early by the door before someone told me they were coming by. When they were only a few minutes late,  I’d be anxious and upset. (Oh my!) Thankfully now I have learned to have things to occupy my time (is. book, working on another task, catching up on the phone) while I’m waiting and allow a grace period. The other ways I’ve been challenged to be flexible involve working with others (including Zane) and their style and personality. I see it as a dance. Both parties want to achieve the same outcome but each person has different needs and approach so it’s a matter of figuring out our footing. Because hoping others would just see and do things like me were impossible wishes, I’ve learned that I need to be flexible to the other person’s ways or else nothing will get done and I’ll be the one left frustrated and upset. So I try to adapt to each person, give graceful responses, be compassionate, less judgmental, and be more open-minded. I find this approach (when exercised) is helping to make me a better person.

What has your experience been with becoming more flexible in your life?

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