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To appreciate someone is very important, whether the person is your partner, friend, co-worker, etc. I know it intellectually and state that it is a value to me, but do I do it as much as I’d like? No. Why? Because life gets busy. Things need to get done, Zane needs to be tended to, and because needs are time-sensitive, showing my appreciation does not become a priority. Instead, I find myself, and others take observation, of me telling Daniel what to do and when. However, this continuation of telling/demanding him what to do, and not having it be balanced with a decent amount of words of praise and affirmation can lead down a road I do not want to visit. So, what’s the solution? To appreciate him more, duh! :) But the twist, and the reason for the title of this post, is to actually NOTICE the wonderful work that he does for our household and family. It’s one thing to simply make a blanket statement of, “I appreciate you. You’re a good father and husband.” I believe that’s necessary… But, it’s an even better approach and reception when I NOTICE the good that he does and I say it straight away. For example, “Thank you babe for putting the dishes away,” or “Thank you for helping me do two loads of laundry.” Lately I have been trying to appreciate him more, and when I have voiced my praises, he asked me what changed since his behavior and acts of love haven’t changed. I didn’t really have an answer for him… so he answered for me by saying, “It may be because you are noticing what I do more.” Hehe, :) So, there- we have it! I notice more, and therefore I appreciate him more specifically. Lastly, we’ve also made it a priority that he must do the same for me so that we both feel loved, appreciated, and affirmed for ALL that we do. Appreciation should not be skewed between two people.

Is there someone in your life you need to notice more regarding what they do for you, your child(ren), your family, etc.? I encourage you to take notice, and to share specific compliments!

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