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As you read in yesterday’s post about grieving, I was not the happiest person because I am exhausted and still figuring out this motherhood gig. I probably will never figure it out because sooner than later, God willing, baby #2 will come around. Thankfully, throughout this journey thus far, Daniel has been amazing with supporting and encouraging me. Of course we still have our moments when we have to talk things through, but overall, I’m impressed with our communication. It may be because we sought pre-baby counseling that ended up focusing on our marriage versus our parenting skills, haha. Anyways, let’s look back to two nights ago when I was in my frenzy and told Daniel he should be a stay-at-home dad… During my moment which lasted all night, I felt he was awesome with responding to me and not taking it personally. The next day, I thanked him for being there for me. His response, which we try to practice, was “What did you like? [That I did so I can make sure to do it next time.]”And so I rattled off my list. This accomplishes two things: 1- I can compliment him and 2- he can know what I appreciated most and make sure to do it next time. It was funny, when I first implemented this way back when and asked Daniel the question, he thought I was trying to inflate my ego by hearing how great I am! Haha. Of course it’s nice to hear how awesome of a wife I am, but more importantly, it brings forth specific positive feedback and opens communication within our marriage. Everyone feels good! :)

How do you communicate with your partner about what you like (and don’t like)? When he/she does something that you appreciate, do you communicate it? What are other ways you would like to share that you go about achieving these objectives?

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