wisdom through donor cultivation

Editor’s Note: I am jet-lagged from our trip abroad to Australia so thankfully Vanessa wrote a post to share! Thanks :)

Have you ever been asked to share your knowledge on something in particular? I had a recent experience at work that was puzzling. I was asked to speak on a statewide conference call (snooze, I know) about my successes bringing in high dollar sponsorships. I had to think about it for a while. On one hand, it’s so flattering to be recognized for my successes! On the other hand, I didn’t know what in the world they were talking about! I have never directly asked for any kind of money – my volunteers had! When I explained on the conference call about my way of thinking (that indirectly caused my successes), I expected disappointment. What I was met with was euphoria, as if I had just opened their eyes to the new world. My boss asked me about it later, and she was just as surprised. I looked at her and said, “It’s like turning in my homework; I thought I was supposed to!” You see, on that conference call, I decided to outline the way that I look at each donor. First – the person I’m speaking to is not here for me, they’re here to support the organization. This, I explained, levels the playing field. I could be speaking to a marketing manager for a small region or a multi-billionaire, and they’re all coming to me for the same reason. I also explained that I thank everyone for their time through hand written notes – which includes their spouses for supporting their time with me. Through these very primitive behaviors, I have instilled a genuine trust in our organization. This scenario is important to remember when you’re intimidated by someone’s position, or you are concerned that perhaps someone is judging you for your lifestyle, choices, etc. I encourage you to always remember that it’s a level playing field. Even as you get to know someone, remember that both of you are equally cautious about each others’ intentions. We are all people, with the same human instincts as any other – kindness, gratitude, and honesty can go a long way!

Have you ever felt that you’re striving for a better outcome, only to find out that you’re ten steps ahead already? Also, have you ever been hesitant to approach a conversation for fear of judgment, only to find the other person has felt the exact same way?

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