blogiversary I: commenting

This is blogiversary week! In an effort to promote this blog, today’s ask for help is: comment away! On the blog site, under each post, there is a comment button. I have made it easy to type in your information and comment away! If you’d like, you can also make up your identity if that’s your preference. :) I find commenting to be very important because it invites your wisdom for others to read and learn from. I know it’s not the easiest to share given the deep topics discussed on this blog. For those of you who have found the courage to do so, I have appreciated your reflections and varying points of view on a particular topic. Also, more recently, I have added a Facebook Comment option. So either you can sign into your FB account from the blog site and comment, or if you Like GrowIntoYourself Facebook Page, you can comment on the post that I published on the Page. Easy Breezy! Give it a try! Thanks! :)

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About Reaksmey

hi :) i'm reaksmey (reeks-may) and I love to think, reflect, and grow. do you? my life includes a handsome husband and a lively infant. here's where i write about how i grow through life's ups and downs so that i can humbly encourage you daily.
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