the need for physical touch

Physical touch. I don’t just mean between a husband and wife. What I am advocating for is between you and other people in your life. Let me paint a few pictures. First example: At my first job, there was an older co-worker of mine (who could be my grandma) who after knowing each other for a few months, I walked up to her and gave her a hug. We had many conversations before and related well to one another, so it wasn’t that peculiar to randomly do this. What transpired was special; we made a point to hug everyday at work (boundaries, right?!). I felt she needed it more than me, but I of course benefited. Interestingly, others would look on and want the same, but just couldn’t find the words or courage to say so. Second example: Why is this post published later today? Because I am finding I love to be physically close to Zane! So this morning it was all about being next to him reading, playing, and the newing thing- massaging him versus trying to do other things. Physical touch. Boy, does he love it. And I love sharing the moment with him. My hope is he feels my intentional physical touch as a sign of my love and it is calming and relaxing to him. I do it now before he goes to bed and it’s a beautiful experience. Third example: Physical touch is a love language. There are people who score highest in this category above gifts, affirmation, acts of service, and quality time. This isn’t Daniel’s #1 love language, but he sure loves when I give him a massage when he is in pain from house work or surfing. I, as well, love one too, even if it’s for five minutes. So, physically touch away I encourage you! And, I’d challenge you to do so towards others who you just sense need it: a co-worker, a stranger, or someone who you don’t physically touch a lot, or ever. We all NEED physical touch; babies actually grow and develop from it. Why is it that I feel we don’t do it enough because of busyness, preoccupation, unnecessary boundaries, comfort zones, etc.?

Do you feel/think the same? How do you go about achieving this keeping in mind necessary boundaries, but listening to the nudge within you to do something unconventional?

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