never judge a book by its cover

One day maybe about 5 years ago, I was substitute teaching at a school. I was on duty outside when the other sub rode into the playground on her bicycle. She was in jeans, a sweatshirt, and her hair was tied back in a ponytail. As I noticed her, I had a mixture of thoughts… interest (wow- she rode to work on a bicycle!), judgment (she is working; I am surprised she isn’t more dressed up), admiration (lucky her- she is comfortable in her clothes and had the confidence to wear them), observation (she must not be the fashionable type or care for name-brand clothes), and the list went on. We introduced each other and had small side conversations about the usual- where do you live, what do you do, etc. I got cold and she kindly let me borrow her sweatshirt. Soon after, for some reason I got sick and ended up throwing up on her sweatshirt! I left early and thought that was the end of our short-lived encounter… or so I thought. :) As God/ fate/ coincidence/ the universe/ whatever you want to call it/ would have it, we became the best of friends after bumping into each other a few times. I never thought in a million years we would connect and grow so much together. We ended up at the same church, in a bible study together, having long phone calls, and Skyping and making time to see one another even though she lives in Switzerland now. Our friendship made me think about the saying, “Never judge a book by its cover” because it rings true for me when thinking about her and a handful of other gals in my life. Had I held onto my judgment about them from the beginning and not been open to their friendships, my life wouldn’t be as rich as it is today. Many of my best girl friends do not look like me, nor do some of them share the same hobbies and interests as me. But what they do have are loving hearts and depth that always fulfils our empty cups when we meet. Thank you to my gals for not judging ME by my cover! :)

Do you share a similar story of one of your best friends?

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