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As I’ve mentioned before, I am thankful to have older friends. I receive so much wisdom from them when I seek it. The other day, I was thinking- there seems to be a trend with older folks. Or at least most of them. They seem to discover the same wisdom as they age. The one that sticks out to me most is: More is not good. It seems as though they try to give more away. And it’s not just giving away junk; it’s giving away their money, their nice goods, their time, their food, etc. It’s as if as they age, they realize that having and hoarding things are no longer valuable to them. A friend of mine phrased it as: “As I get older, I think less of how I can make more money. Rather, I think more of how I can give it away to those that need to be blessed. What I need to live is very little.” Isn’t that beautiful? In general, I look forward to being more like this since I still love my material goods. :) So, I encourage you to find an older person who is wise to spend time with. I say “older” because I believe people who have lived a lot more years of life than me can teach me a thing or two from their triumphs and failures. Have you ever heard the book, Tuesdays with Morrie? The young gentleman in that book meets with this older wise man (who is on his death bed) every Tuesday to indirectly receive more wisdom and love in his life. From their interactions, he is better equipped for life and understands from this dying man where to focus more of his time, love, and money. I understand that I will become wiser with age, but since it seems there are common wisdom older people learn, I might as well have a jump start by talking with them now when I’m still young. :) I call it being proactive and enjoying life more!

What’s a wisdom an older wise person taught you?

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