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What I’ve noticed about myself is that I can quickly get depressed. I let a few things go in my week and soon I head towards a downward spiral. When I was younger I used to let it get out of control and didn’t know how to help myself soon enough, nor did I even make it a priority. Now, it’s as if I notice it right away when my mood changes and I become sad and negative. This happened to me lately. Last week, I didn’t go to yoga because Daniel had to volunteer that evening. Also, for some reason, I didn’t plan any play dates or social gatherings with friends. Lastly, my per diem job ended so I wasn’t working and interacting with others using my gifts in a professional setting. You can imagine how this dampened my whole week. I was stuck home with Zane all day and not having enough fresh air or adult interaction. A recipe for disaster all because I didn’t make it a priority to implement what works. Instead, I was passive with planning my week and let opportunities that make me happy and energized slip away. So as I said, quickly I found myself feeling down and complaining to Daniel that I needed more me-time, a break, and it even got to the point that I went to the beach on my own early Saturday morning to clear my head. I discovered from the beach getaway and after speaking with friends that I need to do more of what works for me. What makes me happy? It’s acknowledging that I am predominantly an extrovert and need to be around my friends that I love. It means connecting with others about life, love, and anything in between. It means not staying home hoping for an opportunity to nap when Zane does. Interestingly, my days are so much easier when I do what works (like I just mentioned). It turns out that Zane gets in all his naps; he is happier; I am happier; and as long as I’m organized, dinner is ready and the house is clean. After doing more of what works yesterday, I already can tell the difference in my mood and perspective on my situation. Yay!!

So what works for you that makes you happy?

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