happiness is free!

Recently Daniel and I watched a documentary called “The Happy Movie.” The content of the movie included what makes people happy, why are some people happier than others, how to achieve happiness, what does society deemed necessary for happiness, etc. There were many interesting points. One being, money still ranks as top three ways people think happiness will be obtained. Thus, people aim for high paying jobs to make more money, but the outcome of their hard work and time sacrifice is not increase happiness. Rather, it is stress and unhappiness. Second, as I’ve mentioned in another post, more is not better. A man who didn’t have much and was working in horrific conditions shared that he is happy and has a happy life because of his family and community. Unfortunately, the same could not be said about the man who lives in a mansion and has lots of things. Although I bet we all know this, why is it that we keep chasing things that make us unhappy and empty? I titled this post as such because truly, happiness is free! What makes us happy does not cost a thing! It’s being in good company, doing a leisure activity that we love, being in nature, doing nothing, etc. that elicits happy feelings. Maybe it requires each of us to be still and alone with ourselves to honestly ask ourselves this question: What makes me happy? And the key word is honest. A followup question could be to ask yourself: Depending on no one or nothing but myself, what makes me happy? Often times there’s a dependency on something or someone out of our control, so it’s best to be void of them. From there, take steps to make yourself happy! It’s a commitment, but one worth taking on.

Have you obtained a state of happiness that exists everyday with the exceptions of life challenges? How do you go about it?

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