it’s a small world

Now that I’m apparently “retired” since I am a stay-at-home-mom (haha, right!), I have the opportunities to meet up with people. While I was out and about the other day, I decided to visit one of my former employers. When I walked into the CFO’s office, I was met with another familiar face, but couldn’t figure out right away where I knew the man from. He recognized me and thankfully it took almost a minute to register who he was. I knew him from my last job! What a small world it is indeed! We chatted a bit and I caught up with everyone by sharing about motherhood.  As I was driving away, I was reminded of the wisdom, “It’s a small world; do not burn your bridges.” Thankfully in that case I hadn’t! :) Of course I never intentionally burn any bridges, but there have been a few individuals in my past whom I do not respect based on how they treated me, so thus I do not care for the bridge that I’ve not maintained. (I know- that doesn’t sound positive, but it’s also my need to preserve my self-worth and self-respect). Anyways, this small world mentality holds true for so many instances, aside from being work-related. The other day, I blogged about happiness being free based on watching the documentary, The Happy Movie. Shortly after publishing the post, my friend who resides in NY texted me to tell me her husband knows the producers! Again, what a small world! Even living in San Diego, CA, and it being a city inhabited by over 1.326 million people, it’s common for me to run into someone I know while out and about. So, is the objective to be on my best behavior always and be a people pleaser so I don’t burn any bridges? No; it’s always being true to myself, standing up for my beliefs and values, acting with integrity, and discerning who I want to remain in contact with or re-engaging with as professional or personal contacts. Therefore, I am very mindful of this wisdom, but not naive to the fact that not all bridges will remain in tact.

Do you allow some bridges to remain in tact even though they should be burned? Do you have an example of when you experienced this small world mentality and it benefited you?

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