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Pay it forward: a term describing the beneficiary of a good deed repaying it to others instead of to the original benefactor. I first heard of the concept of “pay it forward” from the movie titled similarly released in 2000. At that time I didn’t truly embrace the meaning, but did think it was a kind approach to living. Thirteen years later, I’ve employed this concept here and there. However, at this present moment, I am finding that it’s at the forefront of my mind. Although I still “pay” people back directly (ie. you bought dinner last time, I will buy this time), I am thinking of ways of paying it forward to those who may have less resources than me and the original benefactor. (This thought and transaction are mostly all done behind the scenes). Off the top of my head, there are three ways I pay it forward. First way: Mentorship. When I look at the woman I am today, it is partly because of the formal and informal mentors in my life. They shared wisdom, saw my potential, and continually encouraged me. I’d like to pay this beautiful gift forward to my current mentee, and also other young gals who just need a little encouragement each step of the way in life. Second way: Money. This one is the standard to me in giving forward. Someone buys our family something, I buy something for someone else usually in a thoughtful way. (Hopefully the original benefactor isn’t waiting for something in return, hehe). Or, someone gives us money and in return we give monetarily to someone else. Third way: Things. If I buy something for myself, I give away a similar item that isn’t in frequent use to someone else. Or, if someone gives me something, I will give away something in our home that can be someone else’s treasure. (This prevents hoarding)!

These are three ways I go about paying it forward. What about you? Is there an example of someone paying it forward and you were the receiver?

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