does your partner feel heard?

Part of my wifey duties is to cook. When Daniel and I first got together, we were both nervous about my cooking skills since all I could confidently do was fry an egg. Luckily I had some hidden cooking skills when I started practicing and making meals almost daily. Now fast forward 6 years and add Zane to the picture. Needless to say, my meal offerings are not as tasty nor diverse. For some time I’d make a slab of meat with rice, and maybe some greens. It got to the point that Daniel even said something, hehe. He kindly asked that one- we don’t eat red meat everyday and two- can I offer diversity among my dishes!!? My response was, “I’d love to darling, but sometimes I don’t have time to prep and monitor cooking. At least we have a meal ready when you come home!” But he was right; the trajectory I was going was dissatisfying to my belly too and I did miss my creative cooking days. So I was able to revisit my crockpot friend and planned a few meals a week with her help. Then I found some recipes that took less than 30 minutes to prepare and cook. The outcome? Some fish tacos, curry chicken, clam chowder soup, and tonight- stuffed mushrooms and salmon! After the first day that I offered something different, his response was, “Thanks honey; this tastes yummy. I appreciate this even more because I feel heard.” His comment about feeling heard half broke my heart (wow- he didn’t feel heard?!) and the other half made me think, “It’s not hard to make him feel heard. Look what a positive difference a small attempt made!” So the question is, “does your partner feel heard? (about anything or everything?)” I never thought this gesture would mean this much to him because through my eyes, this was the meal situation given our circumstance. I encourage you to listen and respond to what your partner says. And if you think you missed something, ask him/her the question, “Have I heard you on everything you have been trying to communicate to me?” That’s a start. :)

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