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I have listened to Matt Redman’s “10,000 Reasons” song many times and am in love with one particular part of the song. The lyrics read: You’re rich in love, You’re slow to anger, and Your heart is kind… As I sang this song for the millionth time in church on Sunday, I leaned over to Daniel and said that I’d love for my gravestone to read those words. Don’t you wonder what people would say about you after you’ve passed away? I don’t see it as a negative self-focused question, but rather a life objective to achieve during our short time here on Earth. I know for me those descriptors do not describe me all the time. I would hope some time, but definitely not always. On a different note, but in a similar vain, is the reality that we actually rarely ever find out what others think about us. A friend of mine received letters from others describing his character because he was in a bind. His joke was that it was not until he was in a bind did he learn about how others described him. :) So wait no more. Ask people who mean something to you and you respect how they would describe you. I know it may be awkward and seem self-focused, but there is a benefit for this. You can determine if you’re on the right track to being the person you want to be. And in my case, the person that aligns with the words I love in Redman’s song as mentioned above.

In what other ways have others taken an opportunity to describe you to you?

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