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I was reading my friend’s blog “Finding Beauty in the Ordinary” the other day and was reminded about the importance of finding a hobby and maintaining it. She is a new mommy to an almost 1-year-old and humbly shared that she needed to revisit her hobbies since she feels as though at times she’s “lost herself” to being a mother. I have witnessed many times this being the case that I too committed to not forfeiting doing hobbies that fulfil and energize me. It is hard to make this is a priority though when my family and getting rest takes a priority. However, when I do take time to participate in activities I enjoy, I am much happier and am a better mother. My friend’s post encouraged me to look at the hobbies I currently participate in. Further, I wanted to discern which areas of my life they fulfill. So for me, I rediscovered my love for cooking yummy meals; it has become my new creative outlet. I love following new recipes and making healthy, yummy meals for our family. Additionally, I’ve committed to doing yoga at least 2-4 times a month to help me with my mind, body, and soul. What a difference this hobby does for me! Lastly, I love to problem solve by re-decorating and organizing our house! My latest thing is thinking of inefficient or disorganized systems we have around the house and finding new ways to change them. I am enjoying this, especially knowing the more organized our house is, the less I have to clean! :) As well, I get to make new crafts, which make me feel accomplished. Oh, and how can I forget this blog! I write Monday-Friday. Although it’s a challenge many days to find the time and energy to do so, I am proud of my results and I get to own my product. It’s my outlet and way to connect with the world outside my home. As I write this, the one area I need to maintain is my spiritual “hobby.” I need to figure out how to maintain my relationship with God and becoming more knowledgeable about the Word.

So what are your hobbies? What do you enjoy doing and need to make it a priority to do weekly/ monthly?

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