resource: why encouragement is better than praise

I knew there was a difference between “Good job!” versus “That drawing is very reflective of you.” I heard about this somewhere along my studies in education. Luckily this belief that encouragement is better than praise came back to me when I was reading a book the other day. The book detailed out a chart of the difference between the two. You’ll have to visit this article to read further about this topic. I encourage you to because it was eye-opening for me. I know I often seek praise from my evaluators (ie. boss, Daniel), but when realizing the difference, I would much prefer encouragement a majority of the time. I also look forward to employing this with Zane. After reviewing this comparison chart, it encourages me to want to bolster his self-esteem versus him seeking what the outside world thinks of him. Lastly, looking back on my feedback sessions with two individuals in my life, I wish I had used more encouragement than praise. I believe it would have made a better impact, especially in one of the cases.

Do you utilize encouragement more so than praise? Who in your life can you offer more encouragement to and less praise?


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