following up on someone’s efforts

I may have blogged about this in the past, but regardless, felt the need to bring it up again. Encouragement is so powerful! In this post, it’s focused on following up on someone you know’s effort in a particular area. I have two examples to share. The first has to do with a friend who when speaking to her a few Sundays ago at church, complimented me on my outfit. Further, she looked at herself and noted how her outfit wasn’t anything special and thought it was great of me that I looked so nice. I encouraged her by saying that it doesn’t take me long; I just pick an outfit that looks nice but requires no ironing. She seemed to semi-agree with me, but I told her she can do it too! I saw her yesterday at church and she did make the effort! She looked lovely in a dress and high heels! I was proud of her and took notice of her effort. I could have easily been too busy to overlook this effort since I was preoccupied chatting with others and trying to look after Zane. I’m sure she was glad I noticed based on our chat and look on her face. Another example has to do with parenting. My friend was having a hard day with her kiddo and had to cancel our plans. I was bummed, but understood. In my text to her, I said exactly that and threw in a “You’re doing a great job!” Apparently this encouragement made her happy because that’s just what she needed to hear. I’m glad because those few words made a difference in her day. I did it because I too know how much those words mean to me when trying to do my best as a mother. I share both examples not as a way to boast about how these two ladies benefited from my encouragement. Rather, to encourage you to think of the people in your life who are making an effort. It may be a small effort, like putting the toilet seat down after he goes to the bathroom. Or, your child trying to use kinder words. Whatever it may be, we need to follow up and give them encouragement for the effort we are noticing.

Who do you need to follow-up with to encourage their efforts?

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