love is patient

To be honest, I am more patient than Daniel. If the computer is malfunctioning, Daniel is quick to say a few unkind words to it and want to dispose of it. I, on the other hand, will be patient with it and wait until it wants to act as expected. Thus, our patience towards computers are starkly different. There are other examples of when Daniel is not patient, but I will not go there. This isn’t a post to shine light on his area for growth, but rather, highlight how patient he is towards me (for the most part). We discovered this several months ago when I was reflecting on a part of our marriage. Let me illustrate an example. We have hardwood floors. For about 2 years, several times a week I would walk around our 1120 square foot home and vacuum all the dust, dirt, and debris. This took time and energy. But worst, it hurt my back because I was bending over. Daniel, the practical problem-solver that he is, told me there was a better way by using a broom. He kept explaining to me that there was a particular type his mom used and after not finding it in stores, his mom had to bring us the broom head from Australia! Although we had the broom and he demonstrated its effectiveness, I rarely used it and continued vacuuming. Here’s where patient Daniel comes into play. He reminded me now and then of the broom option when I complained about using the vacuum to clean (the noise wakes Zane, it’s cumbersome to maneuver, etc.). After months of this, I finally gave it a try and now I use it daily! After discovering on my own how effective it is, I admitted it to Daniel. He did a “I told you so…” 😉 When reflecting on this instance and similar ones, I asked him/ thanked him for his patience with me with coming around to his suggestions. He too was surprised that although quite impatient in other areas, that he is in these examples. This whole transaction reminded me of 1 Corinthians 13:4 (Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.) I was thankful when I was able to see the true meaning of “love is patient” in action! :)

Do you act according to “love is patient?” What is an example of this in your relationship with your partner?

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