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Do you have someone in your life who makes you accountable? Meaning, if you get sidetracked in life or start behaving outside your typical character, does the person remind you of who you are and your goals? I love the word accountability. There’s a nice challenge to the word, with a touch of love and growth. I don’t have a specific accountability partner right now outside of Daniel. He makes me accountable enough, but I do want to ask a friend who is striving for the same dreams and goals to walk alongside me as an accountability partner. I think there’s a significant value of that person not being your partner. :-) As I mentioned, there are many benefits of having this type of partner. First and foremost, this person is well aware of your goals, dreams, strengths, and areas for growth. By sharing all these aspects of you and your thoughts, this person now has the right (that you’ve given them) to lovingly redirect you and/or challenge you if you’re not heading in a positive direction. For example, Daniel has always made me accountable with this blog. Every now and then, typically when we’re having date night, he likes to ask me the question of my blog growth. He reminds me of my goals and challenges me to try to reach them, while I make excuses why I’m too tired and busy. :-). Don’t you just love accountability partners? Additionally, the cool thing about having someone make you accountable is that you’re committed to what you say!! For awhile Daniel was hesitant to share his dreams with me because he knew I’d make him accountable for achieving them. Interesting, right? Maybe you can relate to his experience…

Do your have someone who can make you accountable for your personal growth and/or dreams? Think of areas you want o be accountable for and find that person to encourage you.

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