resource: the love bank

Have you heard of The Love Bank concept? The concept that with every interaction we have with someone, namely someone we love, we can either deposit a “love unit” or withdraw a “love unit.” Similar to a bank, once the account is either depleted or near empty, trouble is on the horizon or you have to act fast to make more deposits. Or on the contrary, when your bank account is filled, you feel safe, satisfied, and comfortable. Same goes for being in a loving, respectful relationship. Check out more about The Love Bank! This concept is simple, yet in our busy (sometimes self-focused) lives, we forget that with every interaction we have with people we love, we need to be conscious of whether we are depositing or withdrawing love units.

I encourage you to fill your loved ones’ banks with an abundance of deposits so that when you (inevitably) do a withdrawal, their banks aren’t depleted or near empty. Good luck!! :)

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