bragging about your partner

I believe it’s a woman thing to brag about our partners. (I typically don’t see this tendency with men.) For instance, women love to showcase (especially on Facebook) how their partners bought them flowers, surprised them for a weekend getaway, made dinner, cleaned the house, etc. When I see this (and I am one of the women who do this too), it makes me ask the question “Why do I do this?” and “Why is she doing this?” Why is it that I/other women need to share with the world what our partner has done for us? Shouldn’t it be a private issue and if I am happy with the efforts of my partner, my satisfaction and happiness is known and shown to him without the world being involved? I have a few thoughts on this topic. First case- sometimes I find women do this to cover up the deficits in their relationship. The truth behind closed doors is a relationship that is crumbling. By bragging about their partner (for the seldom good gestures he does), it makes her and the world believe “all is good.” Second case- A woman finds fulfillment from the responses other women give her when bragging about her partner. She likes the attention and in many cases, envy from others because their partners do not do the same. Third case- A woman simply likes to rub it in another woman’s face that her partner is more romantic and thoughtful. (Not very nice I know!) Fourth case- Simply, the woman wants/needs people to know how good of a man she has. She is thankful. He deserves the attention and affirmation. In my opinion, this last case is the most appropriate (if done in moderation) if there is any need to brag about one’s partner.

I write this post because the question: “Why do I brag about my partner to others?” is an important one to ask yourself if this is a tendency you do a lot. What need are you fulfilling? Is it healthy/unhealthy for you and those around you? Are there alternative ways to achieve your goal?

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4 Responses to bragging about your partner

  1. Aaron says:

    After coming to the US, we learned and were amazed by the phase “the better half”.

    Since my “better half” is the “better” half, it would probably make me (the other half) look better by bragging about her; and a fool to not brag about her. :-)

  2. Reaksmey says:

    I am so glad that you honor your wife with this phrase! I think the difference is you honor her to others in a non-bragging way. I find if one brags, there is another reason behind sharing about the greatness of their partner, and is more self-focused…

  3. J. K. says:

    I think all of the reasons you listed are true Reaksmey. I tend to think the more we brag about our partners in public, for the right reasons, the better. As a culture, we generally don’t do it enough, and we tend to undermine our partners more than build them up. I think women brag more about their partners than men, but men do it too, and this is good!!

  4. J. K. says:

    Oops, before my last post, I didn’t see the earlier comments implying that the word “brag” has a negative connotation. Substitute the word “honor” whee I used the word “brag” in my earlier post.

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