grateful for intentions over outcomes

For the most part, I would think when we do something, we do it with good intentions. I always say I do when Daniel asks me why a particular outcome isn’t up to his standard or expectations. My response: “My intention was good though; I really did try to do a good job. I just got distracted and didn’t complete the task!!” 😉 Sometimes one’s intentions, even when good, doesn’t cut it. However, my post today is to encourage us to honor and give praise for the good intention. It is a lot easier to evaluate the outcome (ie. icky made dinner, not the right present for the occasion), when really, if we give thanks for the fact that the person thought about it and tried to do something with good effort, that’s what really matters. For me, this is much easier said than done. The outcome matters a lot to me because it correlates to the quality of the thought and effort. For example, if Daniel surprises me with a platter of sashimi for dinner, I am a happy gal. So the outcome is of my liking. His intention to make me happy is of my liking as well. However, if he surprises me by having dinner ready, but the meal was taken out of the freezer and not fitting for my taste buds at the time, I will respond differently. 😉 And this has been the case, and I am sure will continue to be the case. In both cases, his intention is wonderful. Although I can argue one scenario had more thought and effort, what I need to realize and be thankful for is that regardless, he had a good intention. I need to be grateful for that because the intention can be absent altogether and I am left to fend for myself for dinner or it’s another evening to prepare a meal. See the difference?

Are you focused on outcomes of people’s efforts like I am? Who do you need to be more graceful towards by honoring and appreciating their intentions?

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