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I write a lot of what I hope, wish, and plan to do on here. I don’t always accomplish my goal, and though I recognize this, I do give myself grace for attempting my best. However, when I do achieve something I’ve written about (like the need for date night), I am proud of my efforts. One being what happened on Friday night. When Zane was just born, a friend shared that he and his wife recreate date night at home once the kids are asleep. The idea sounded great, but life happened and for some reason we never got to doing it. (Also, we feel we have date night out enough to fulfill this need.) However, recently I thought it’d be a great idea to give it a great attempt at home, with Daniel of course looking forward to the idea too. What did this look like? As Zane self-fed in his high chair, Daniel and I prepared our dinner: lobster tails (yum!!), mashed potatoes, and salad. When Zane was in bed (7pm), we put together the meal coupled with wine and candles. We dimmed our kitchen lights and (Daniel’s idea) dressed up in nice clothes! We asked each other thoughtful questions (ex. What’s something I don’t know about you?) and soaked in this precious moment. In the moment and reflecting back, I must say that it was so worth the effort. We loved that we actually felt we were out to dinner, focused on each other, enjoying yummy food, and reconnecting. I would say it even beats going out to dinner sometimes because we get to do exactly what we want to do in the comfort of our home and on our timing. What a great ending to a long week and beginning of the weekend.

I can’t encourage you enough to try this out!! And guess what? It was a fraction of the price, especially paying for a babysitter and eating lobster tails. :-) What other ideas do you have to encourage reconnecting when you have kids?

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