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A few weeks back, I was in a slump. I knew it was because I had returned back home from CT and had to face reality. Reality meaning I had to take care of myself and our little family on my own again. No more having meals cooked and no real responsibilities while staying with my parents. :( As I’ve gotten older, I can detect when my slump approaches and/or when I am in it. As well, I can communicate it to loved ones who will encourage me through it and accept me during it. During this recent slump, I called a friend up and decided to do a minor Negative Nancy dance. This particular dance was, “These are the things I have to do in my day and I don’t want to do any of it!” I was not looking forward to one of the activities I signed up for and I didn’t want to cook or clean. Her response, “Then skip that activity and go do something else you’d prefer and what will make you happy.” I would have said the same thing to anyone in my situation, but to actually do the same at that moment seemed harder. So she encouraged me again by brainstorming with me a list of alternative activities I’d rather be doing than the scheduled one. To be forced (lovingly) to think about it helped me. So what did I do? First off, I skipped the activity I was meant to go to. (It was okay to do so.) Then instead of doing one of the alternative activities from our brainstorm, I got distracted and attempted to nap train Zane (weird, right??) but felt weirdly successful when he napped in his crib after an hour battle. (He doesn’t nap in his crib, that’s why.) And just hung out at home with Zane doing nothing. Sounds boring, but it worked- the revision I made to my day. By not going to the scheduled activity, which would take 3 hours of my day, I spent it doing other things I wanted to do. What I chose to do may not appear like fun or fulfilling alternatives, but it was what I needed that day. I’m glad I took action on my friend’s encouragement because I believe it helped me out of the slump sooner.

When your day doesn’t seem appealing and you feel like you’re in a slump, do you revise your day to help yourself out of it? If so, what revisions have you made that have worked?

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hi :) i'm reaksmey (reeks-may) and I love to think, reflect, and grow. do you? my life includes a handsome husband and a lively infant. here's where i write about how i grow through life's ups and downs so that i can humbly encourage you daily.
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