you don’t know until you discover it

This wisdom phrase “you don’t know until you discover it” has come up a few times in the last couple of weeks between me and another person. The first example was with Daniel. He came home from his men’s bible study and was thankful for the fellowship he had with the other men. His discovery was that he didn’t realize how much this would bring fruit into his life until having come across the opportunity, signing up for it, and committing to show up every time. He learns about the bible, but even more, receives support and encouragement from the men. Hearing him share his discovery brought happiness to me because had he not been open to this new experience, he would not know what he was missing out on. The second example has to do with my conversations with non-believers. The conversations aren’t meant for me to evangelize, but rather, sharing about my faith and what it means to me. In sharing about how much being a Christian means to me, I can’t put into words the strength, wisdom, grace, love, encouragement, hope (and more) I receive trying to live in Christ. I would never have known what more was out there for me in life, my purpose, serving others, being unconditionally loved by God, and having an amazing church community, had I not committed myself to following Jesus Christ. This discovery was life changing and gave me something worth living for in this crazy mess of a world we live in. The last example is finding your soul mate and being in love. Daniel and I recently watched a movie and the main character (while on a road trip trying to find meaning in life) asked a stranger, “How do you know you’re in love?” The stranger replied, “If you gotta ask, you’re not.” Many guys I dated before Daniel, I desperately wanted them to be “the one.” I tried settling and “making it work” to the best of my efforts. After discovering what true love looks and feels like with Daniel, now I know. And it is priceless.

What are other examples of this wisdom phrase that you’ve experienced in your life as you personally grow?

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