take notice of those who serve you

Merry Christmas!!


From our hearts to your, we hope you enjoy the day and remember the reason for the season! It isn’t about all the materialistic items we accrue (although I buy into that a lot) or how nice our house and dinner table looks for our guests. Rather, it’s about the birth of Jesus Christ and spending it with those that matter doing things that matter. Further, I’d like to encourage you to take notice of those who serve you. Namely, the people in your life who are strangers, but help make your life easier or colorful as a result of their jobs or personalities. For example, my dear Daniel came home Monday evening talking about how he wanted to give something to the janitor guy. He said he felt in his heart he should do it even though it’s random, can be perceived as “odd,” and he doesn’t really know him. So we got some nice chocolates and Daniel by chance bumped into him Christmas Eve in the office to give it to him. The guy was speechless and very thankful! I am guessing he felt noticed!

This holiday season, I encourage you to think of someone who serves you that may need to feel noticed. I am thinking of giving chocolates to the mailman and yesterday Zane’s doctor and nurse received some sweets too.

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