taking a moment of gratitude

In order to remember those who have passed on and/or a tragedy, we take a “moment of silence.” Why not periodically do the contrary and take a “moment of gratitude?” All around me are moments I need to remember and be thankful for when others shower their love and thought around me. Let me share a handful so that I can publicly give thanks.
1) My friend watched Zane this past week so that I can have a three-hour break. How generous she is of her time, and thinking about my needs and offering before I ask.
2) When Zane and I were at a store check-out line, a man offered to buy him some candy. So sweet! Too bad it was sweets and not organic puffs, haha. 😉
3) My neighbor brought over spaghetti squash after speaking with me about it the other day. She wanted to ensure I had a chance to give it a try since she loved how hers turned out when she cooked it.
4) My close friend from Switzerland wrote me a beautiful letter enclosed with a t-shirt for Zane from Cambodia. As I was reading it, I could imagine her sitting in her living room writing me. I felt as though I was with her and through her words, felt her love.
5) I met a woman through Craigslist who found my blog by clicking on my email signature. She wrote me the most beautiful email sharing her thoughts about my writing and character after reading my content. What an encouragement and humbling moment!
6) Daniel coming home with leftovers from his work function so that I can have a night off cooking! Made such a difference when I was so tired.
7) Daily I meet with a friend at a park with our kiddos so that they can play to their hearts’ content. I am thankful for the resources and opportunities to do this. And that Zane plays independently when we are out and at home.

By sharing all these moments of gratitude, I am recognizing them for a longer period than the few seconds that I had when the moments originally occurred. I think writing this now just made my day brighter and my heart happier this early morning. Give it a try! Sit down and write at least three moments that has already happened that you want to re-live and give honor to.

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