rap music encouraged me today

Before I met Daniel I had a phase in my life when I loved R&B music. Sometimes amidst enjoying this genre of music, rap music would seep into the mix. Now with Daniel, he despises both genre of music so I barely ever listen to them. And when I do, he’s telling me it’s “garbage” talk. He’s (mostly) right; much of the lyrics and what I hear about these types of music speak poorly of women, normalize cheating, and in general, do not encourage personal or relational growth. When you compare this to the Christian and country music I listen to, of course I pick my current choice to help encourage me. However, today I came across an artist that contradicted my previous beliefs. While listening to “I Am Second Lacrae,” I discovered a rapper who raps about his testimony and his love for God. I was thankful for a few reasons. One- because now I have a rapper who I can share with Daniel who raps about a life worth living for others and God. Second- because I was inspired by this guy and admired how he changed his life around to serve others. Lastly, others will be saved through him! Thank God that someone with his story made a choice to live a new life and didn’t die at a younger age. After I listened to his testimony, I searched for his songs and came across “Just Like You” by Lacrae and loved its message! Listening to his story reminds me of how often boys (and even girls) try desperately to fulfill a fatherless void in their lives, but never accomplishes it with worldly desires. His song speaks to his void being filled once accepting Jesus into his life. As I watched these videos, I was humbled and embarrassed to admit to myself that I had closed the door previously to rap music making the generalization that none of their lyrics would encourage or even more, inspire me. Now with this new knowledge, I can offer it as an encouraging resource to those that come in my path who may identify with this genre of music and Lacrae’s story. Maybe you will too! Have a listen!

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