motherhood lessons: keeping for me

I am the type of mother who wants to keep doing things for myself post-baby. My first example, which may be silly to read is hanging onto having my own handbag. When I was pregnant I asked a few moms what they did because although I wanted to be practical (use a diaper bag all the time), I also didn’t want to “lose myself” (and things) to a big chunky bag that I paid $25 for made by Eddie Bauer. (I didn’t register for the expensive, trendy bags). As you’ve read in my other posts, I have a weakness for purses. They make me very happy. So hearing from other mothers that it made practical sense to merge my things and my baby’s things into one bag was not what I wanted to hear. My issue was the separation- literally and psychologically. I wanted to “keep” something from pre-baby and carry it into my post-baby life. I decided to give it a go and not listen and have been successful at it thus far. It turns out I am not the mama that carries her child’s diaper bag (which has turned into a backpack) every place she goes, but rather, let it sit in the car when needed. However, I always have a diaper and wipes in my purse. Another thing I’ve kept for myself has been blogging. I am nearing my blog’s 2 year anniversary and am proud of myself for making it a priority in my life. My blog brings me so much fulfillment, psychological relief, and purpose. Having this outlet and something to call my own has empowered me as a mama. And lastly, I have kept my girl and me time. Of course I’d love more, but to say that I have social outlets with my girl friends and self-care time is a huge feat for me, especially when I am tired many days! I am thankful that as a result, I have done a decent job maintaining my friendships. Although I share how I’ve successfully “kept” things for myself post-baby, not all things have remained, which I can blog about another day… The good news is I am content with how life has changed for me.

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