it all adds up

I love Craigslist. It has worked out very well for me/us. Heck, I love all avenues for selling my things and clothes. It has been the only way I can buy new clothes, accessories, and furnish my house. Without it, I’d be without and I definitely would need to go to work to bring in extra money. With Spring here, I am motivated to do Spring cleaning. Today I sold some household things on Craigslist. My new favorite approach that Daniel suggested to me is up selling once the person is at our house and it has worked magic! Like today, the woman bought three additional items and I made over double what she intended to pay me. I titled this post as such because the items individually cost less than $15. But times it by five and I quickly made a chunk of change within minutes that will allow me to buy something new and relevant. This particular transaction was even better because we didn’t even pay for the items and they were all collecting dust! All this selling and accruing money to save for future purchases makes me very happy and accomplished. I completely understand I am my own breed when it comes to this interest. As I was talking with Daniel about low amount purchases (and in this case sales) all adding up to a decent amount of cash, we reflected on how it dovetails with our upbringing of not having much money. Being poor growing up, I’ve learned to be resourceful and frugal so that I can buy quality items that I desire. Many may think it is nutty, and for most it is, but since it comes naturally to me, I am thankful I can enjoy nice things and not be in debt. And (to some degree) fall somewhere close to my shopping budget. ; ) So I write this for three reasons. Everything you buy or sell adds up; it is just a matter of whether you are knowledgeable about the total. My friend the other day shared that her husband stresses about the big ticket items they purchase, but isn’t knowledgeable about how much his daily lunch spendings five days a week, times 20 work days equal well over $100/month! I know I’d rather spend that on a nice handbag on sale and bring leftovers from last night’s dinner!! ; ) My second point is whether you care about your spendings. If money is not an issue or you never lived without, this whole post may not be of interest to you. And lastly, I encourage you to not judge others based on your values about money and spending habits. I am guilty of this a lot! I have to remind myself that I bet if I knew that person’s story, their spending ways would make sense! This is the personal work I am in progress with- why do I love spending money unnecessarily and not giving more?!

How/where do you see yourself in this post?

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