positive spin on a bad habit

If you know me, you’d know that I love, love, love to shop! It is a habit, and although I want to refrain from using the word “bad” to describe it, I couldn’t justify calling it a good habit. I describe it as a bad habit because it is quite a distraction in my everyday life. I use it to decompress when I need a break or stress relief. Or, when I want to enjoy a leisure activity, I like to spend time doing it. If I was more disciplined with this habit, I’d save more money and have more time to focus on other more meaningful and selfless things. But the reality is, I’m not there yet, and it’s okay. I wanted to write this post because lately as I am doing a major Spring cleaning, I am discovering how much of a shopping expert I am! This is funny to learn about myself because it does put a positive spin on my shopping habit. Let me describe what I mean in a nutshell. Since I browse retail and online stores often, I have a good idea of how much certain items cost and therefore know when I come across a really good deal. If I’m not knowledgeable about the cost, I do my research online by comparing prices. And of course apply coupons when available. Further, this knowledge and approach works out financially for me when selling items. I receive nearly the same amount back or more in many cases. There were some cases I had to lose some money, but not a lot. This outcome has shown me (and Daniel, and even family and friends) how much of an effective shopper and seller I am! It makes me wonder if I can apply this “expertise” to a different realm that can actually help me make an income! I really enjoy doing it and it comes naturally to me. It all computes in my head in a matter of a minute or so whereas if I gave this task to Daniel, it would be to cumbersome too accomplish. I think I’m onto something… 😉 Let me know if you have ideas on how to turn this bad habit into a good one!

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