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This may be a funny sounding post, but it came to me weeks ago and I think the idea holds some merit. When I worked in schools as a helping professional, we’d create progress charts for students who needed daily cheerleading to reach a particular goal. For example, if a child would regularly forget his homework, his daily chart may have Monday to Friday written out, and next to each day of the week, he may receive a happy or sad face sticker to note his progress. By simply looking at the chart, he and others can quickly tell how he is doing and decide how best to communicate with him about the goal. I was wondering why as adults, we don’t have progress charts that display our status. For example, instead of me having to tell Daniel how filled or depleted my love bank is, I should display a visual of my status with it somewhere in our home. Maybe on the refrigerator? When he walks by it daily, he can easily note where I stand with feeling loved. Instead of checking in with me, assuming he would and that we’d have time to chat about it, he can come up ways to possibly make deposits into my love bank. Date night? Take-out sushi? Another thought is displaying how we are feeling. Young children get to look at a chart and point to the facial expression that best describes how they are feeling inside. As adults, we walk around revealing or concealing how we feel and rarely share exactly how we are feeling, especially when someone asks, “How are you today?” I haven’t figured out how to publicly display the answer to this question, but at least in the home, using a facial expression chart could help all family members describe their current feelings. I mean, even as an adult, sometimes I can’t figure out how to articulate where I stand with how I am feeling. A facial expression chart would totally help me! 😉 So like I said, a little quirky in thought, but may be helpful to some with communicating and loving one another. Sometimes it is a lot easier to simply display our status than having to verbalize it.

What do you think?

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