i see the fruit of my labor

Zane's response to, "Go give your friend a hug!"

Zane is 18-months-old and I believe thus far, this has been my favorite stage and age. He runs everywhere (with a spring in his step), is always exploring, and loves playing and being outdoors. Further, he is learning to talk, understands simple instructions and guidance, a great listener (when he wants to be), and loves affection and attention. As mischievous and a boundaries challenger he is, he does obey most of the time and is well-behaved for a kid his age. When observing his obedience, friendliness and love for others and his family, I see the fruit of my labor. Finally, I see what it looks like to have a child who loves me and wants to please me because I have shown him unconditional love and trust. I see how independent he is and still tests us and tries to play us against one another, but yet fully knows when he is in the wrong. I see how our guidance and disciplinary ways have thus far made a positive impact on how he treats everyone around him and conducts himself. It makes me see visually how it was all worth it to sacrifice and stay home and how truly, I know what’s best for our child! I am constantly amazed about how at such a young age, a human being can communicate, understand, empathize, and know what is and isn’t nice. As I witness Zane’s development and personality, I am so thankful I have made it this far to say, “It was worth it to be his main teacher in life as much as there are hard days and days I’d rather be working outside the home.” I couldn’t ask for a better way to be acknowledged for or proud of for my hard work and endless love than to see it in our child’s actions and words. I know this journey will have its joyful moments like this one and its challenging moments that I’ll have no clue about, but as of now, I’m just “being” in the moment. I am feeling so blessed and thankful.

When have you seen the fruit of your labor?

“You will enjoy the fruit of your labor.
How joyful and prosperous you will be!”
(Psalms 128:2)

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