quality time with loved ones

Lately I am bathing in the bliss of enjoying quality time with loved ones. Today was the second time in a week I enjoyed lunch with Zane. The first was at a sushi restaurant and the second was today when we had a picnic near a park. As he is getting older (and enjoys sushi just as much as I do), these moments feel like spending time with someone I can interact with and enjoy. Meaning, when he was younger he understood, said, and did less (not that he was less human). Today at lunch, it was so nice. We sat on a picnic blanket, I had yummy sushi for take-out, and before we ate, we prayed together. He knows to sit, put his hands together, and bow his head (still working on the closing of the eyes). It was a tender moment as I looked around and appreciated the beauty of San Diego and its weather. And of course, the scenery that was nearby us. How nice it is to spend time one-on-one with our little man and not be distracted by a play date (even though we did just come back from one!) and get to “be” together! Lucky me, I also got this opportunity recently to enjoy a long date with my hubby. Long meaning six hours away for dinner, Bay hang out, and a play! We had a lovely time together connecting and enjoying one another’s company. All this quality time being spent with my two guys and other loved ones brings much joy, love, and happiness into my life. We never need anything fancy, or the latest toys, or be somewhere magnificent; all we need is to be present to one another and to come with love.

I hope you are finding time to spend quality time with loved ones. Make plans to do someone simple with no distractions except one another. Focus, listen, be present… And no phones or other devices. 😉

Date time with Daniel.
Lunch with Zane.
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