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Last year Daniel and I celebrated our 5-year wedding anniversary. Usually people get something lavish or do something lavish for these big milestones. I wanted it to be a low cost one and make it simple by requesting date time and to rhodium plate my white gold rings. At the time, I was content. Time passed and it grew in me that I wanted a pair of nice earrings. :-) I was tired of wearing earrings that irritated my ears and were boring and fake. In general, I am a low maintenance woman when it comes to jewelry. To wear my rings daily was a big deal. I lose and break jewelry, whether real or fake, all the time! I rarely wore any nice pieces and stuck to whatever costume jewelry matched my outfit. Now as I get older, I am growing into a woman who desires for nice pieces that suits me perfectly. What do I mean exactly? When we were engagement ring shopping, I joined Daniel in custom making my rings. At first I wanted him to surprise me and react how society paints the whole surprise engagement scene. However, I knew in my heart I’d be unhappy if I didn’t receive jewelry that make me fall in love with it every time I look at it. I’m so glad we created it together and that I was okay stepping out of the norm and being in the know the whole creation process. When it came to buying earrings that I would wear daily, I felt the same way. So I accompanied Daniel to seek a custom pair that spoke, “That’s me!” The first pair I tried on won our hearts and budget! They looked beautiful on my ears and the design was understated yet detailed and classic. We thought it was too good to be true. Our jeweler said, “Someone famous once said, ‘Don’t effort it.'” I agreed! Sold! The interesting reflection and growth opportunity from the experience was me being okay with spending money towards the design of the earrings versus buying a bigger stone on a simple stud setting. Our society gives us the message that bigger is better, especially with jewelry. This message made me second guess our purchase because looking at the pieces, they do not scream out, “Whoa! Check out those stones!” Thankfully my mom and Gigi gave me the wise advice that I should stick to buying jewelry that look perfect for me and that I absolutely love. Further, there’s always future milestones to purchase bigger stones and more expensive pieces (according to my heart desires). Leave something worth waiting for! 😉

Do you have thoughts and reflections when it comes to selecting and wearing jewelry?

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hi :) i'm reaksmey (reeks-may) and I love to think, reflect, and grow. do you? my life includes a handsome husband and a lively infant. here's where i write about how i grow through life's ups and downs so that i can humbly encourage you daily.
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  1. linda says:

    My fifth anniversary was Jay on top of a hospital putting up an antenna for a paging system and I was below walking to church and praying and then running back to feed the meter, so he would not have to come down from the roof to do that every two hours..Last year, instead of at a restaurant dining for dinner like most couples, we were on top of a building at looking for radio frequency interference. Wow if I only knew your dream, I could have had a diamond instead running around in between praying and feeding the meter and changing dollars to feed that hungry meter. Two hours goes by quickly.

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