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I have been inspired the last several months to exercise based on several friends’ testimonies and results. As I’ve shared before, incorporating exercise into my day has been a long time goal of mine. To observe and hear about how others can make this a priority, especially when they have kids, reminds me that I have no excuses. Why do I want to make exercising a habit and priority in my life? I want to look and feel good! As well, to be healthy and for Zane to embrace and participate in exercising too.  Thankfully the Gold Coast is a place where it seems to be the norm and culture where many people make exercising a priority, or at least a part of their life. It’s amazing how many people are out at 6am walking or running on or near the beach. And it’s just not fit looking people, I see people of all ages with various body sizes.  Since everyone seems to be doing it, I’ve decided to commit to jumping on the band wagon. In the last two weeks, I’ve exercised more than I can remember. (That’s pretty sad, especially since I can do daily walks with Zane in the stroller…)  I don’t know what has overcome me though, but I crave to work out my body through running or power walking. And additionally, do yoga weekly. Consequently, I have more energy and feel accomplished. Zane knows the drill and does really well sitting in the stroller for up to 45 minutes. (Sometimes we visit the park afterwards on the beach.) I’m feeling optimistic and driven at this point, so I hope I continue this initiative.

First 5K walk/run in years!

Along this “take care of your body” vain, I have also cut down on my alcohol consumption. Now I only have a daily drink on the weekends, including Friday.  Of course there are exceptions, but in general, I’ve been doing well for several weeks now. Interestingly, I do not desire to have a drink daily like I used to. So putting together my new exercising ways with less drinking, I’m feeling on top of the world. I remember always desiring this for myself and postponing these goals for later, so I’m glad the time has arrived. I hope from reading this post that it will encourage you to live a healthier lifestyle by exercising and eating/ drinking wiser. :)

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