the joy in selling our first home

When we put our first home on the market in May 2014, I couldn’t share much publicly since our move to Australia was not known by all. Now that we’ve settled a bit here, I’m finding the need to share our experience since in many ways it was a joyous one amidst the many stressors that was associated with getting it ready for open house and inspections and ultimately, sold. And to do it all with a toddler..


So how did it all begin? Working beautifully as a team, Daniel found a selling agent that charged under the normal commission rate, thereby saving us thousands of dollars. In our case, this translated to the quality of the service being ‘less than’ what we’d expect from an agent who charged the normal rate. We didn’t mind though. When choosing a selling price, we looked at the COMPS and decided our sweet Christine (our name for the house) had the potential to sell at a higher price compared to her similar age and size counterparts because of all the work we had done on her. Although she was born in 1958, she was looking the best she ever did with remodeled bathrooms and kitchen and hardwood flooring. So when we told our agent the price range we were comfortable listing her at, he thought it was too high and even said he’d do a cartwheel if it sold on the higher end. Well, we knew the market and we knew our house, and we trusted in God, so long story short, the buyers who we selected who were the first to look at the house paid above asking. As well, we received above asking price offers from a handful of other people. (I never did get my cartwheel!) The house could have been sold in one day or so, but we held out for five days. The overall experience was joyous because we handpicked the buyers. They are a cute, loving, energetic, young couple who were looking to love on their first home. Their personal letter won us over. (You’d be surprised about how bland some letters can be.) Daniel and I felt they were us three years back when we first bought Christine. To know the next owners of Christine would make beautiful memories in it was heartwarming. Also, to be in a position to recoup the money we invested in her and gain some was a bonus to set us up for our future home purchase in the Gold Coast. Lastly, we became friends with them after the sale and even went to their housewarming of Christine. I was happy to prove that not all transactions had to be cold and driven solely by money. My heart took precedence sometimes.This transaction left us with sweet memories of our first home that Zane grew up a little in, and even better, opened the door to new friendships. I’m glad we took control of the selling process and got to infuse our values and desires in it. Thanks be to God!

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